CBS This Morning Brings on 10-Year-Olds To Discuss 'Mean' Trump and 'Super Nice' Muslims

March 15th, 2016 4:30 PM

On CBS This Morning on Tuesday, correspondent Chip Reid took notes from YouTube to find out what kids thought about the presidential election. Reid asked fifth graders at a Virginia charter school about the mechanics of the election cycle, insinuating that kids were more civil than the GOP candidates had been behaving. The series of questions focused mostly on how "mean" Trump was, but Reid gave the kids opportunities to praise Muslims and expound on “women’s rights.”

Anchor Norah O’Donnell led into the segment, saying:

Kids are joining the conversation about the presidential campaign. The name-calling and attack ads might leave parents wondering how to talk to children about this election season. Chip Reid shows us why the conversation might be easier than you think.

Reid brought up how “tough it was for adults” to watch this election cycle and asked the kids if they felt the same way.

REID: Are you tired of them being mean to each other?

KIDS: Yes.

REID: Are you tired of them talking over each other?

KIDS: Yes.

REID: Are you tired of them making fun of each other?

KIDS: Yes.

REID: Where do you think that all started?

KIDS: Donald Trump. [Reid laughs]

Reid then asked the kids if they would ever vote for Donald Trump.

REID: If you were old enough to vote, who would vote for Donald Trump?

KIDS [shaking heads]

REID: Nobody?


REID: What's the main reason you would not vote for Donald Trump?

BRYNN: I don't think he ever answers the questions.

REID: He doesn’t answer the questions. Max, why would you not vote for him?

MAX: Because of how mean he is.

REID: Because of how mean he is.

At that point, CBS found it the perfect opportunity to ask the kids about Trump's "meanness" to Muslims.

REID: Donald Trump has said one way to deal with terrorism is just keep all Muslims out of the country.

KIDS [shaking heads]: That's not --

MAX: Not all Muslims are bad.

KIDS: Yeah [shake heads in agreement]

REID: Say that again Max?

MAX: Not all Muslims are bad.

WILL:  Some Muslims are probably super nice.

After being asked about Hillary Clinton off-camera, two of the girls, Ananya and Ella responded:

ANANYA: “Personally I wouldn't vote for like... Hillary Clinton, but what I'm most worried about is even if a woman was president, would all the women's rights, issues be solved?”

ELLA: I think that barrier needs to be broken for a woman to be president. But would she do a better job? Not necessarily.

Reid ended his interview by asking the kids if they think they should be allowed to vote at their age. Of course they responded with an effusive, “Yes!” Anchors Charlie Rose, Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King then gushed over the kids’ political knowledge.

GAYLE KING: Well there's a show called Smarter than a Fifth Grader. Those kids were very very bright, and really, paying attention.

NORAH O’DONNELL: I think that’s terrific. Anytime they can be involved in the process

CHARLIE ROSE: It makes me wish I had like four of them, you know everyday at breakfast? Their authenticity and their truth telling.