NBC Gushes Over 'Dreamy' 'Heartthrob' Canadian PM; He's 'Canada's Obama!'

March 10th, 2016 8:13 PM

In a segment sounding more like Access Hollywood than the evening news, NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt hyped that "heads [were] turning" and "the White House abuzz" with the visit of Canada's new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Reporter Ron Allen continued the gushing, calling the young liberal PM "Canada's Obama" at "just 44 with a young family," even describing the politician as "dreamy" and a "political heartthrob." 

The nearly two-minute long segment presented Canada's new Prime Minister as some sort of celebrity instead of a world leader. Reporter Ron Allen, echoing Holt's words, stated that Trudeau was "turning heads" as he "stunn[ed] the world with his victory last November."

NBC even put up a shirtless picture of Trudeau, along with a glamour shot from Vogue Magazine, as Ron Allen called him "a political heartthrob." Allen then asked Washington Post reporter Emily Heil, "Do you think he's dreamy too?"

NBC wasn't alone in this embarrassing display, however. ABC's World News Tonight also briefly talked about Trudeau, calling his meeting with President Obama, a "political bromance." ABC and CBS's morning shows also gushed over the "hunky" and "handsome" liberal prime minister.

The complete transcript from the March 10 NBC Nightly News:

LESTER HOLT: Heads are turning tonight in Washington. The White House abuzz amid a star-studded state dinner to welcome the young new Prime Minister of Canada, a leader who carries one of the most famous political names in the history of our northern neighbors. NBC's Ron Allen on the diplomacy and the excitement. 
[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: New Head of State Turns Heads]
RON ALLEN: Today at the White House, President Obama welcoming Canada's Obama, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the head of state, turning heads. 
PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: I've never seen so many Americans so excited about the visit of a Canadian prime minister. 
ALLEN: Trudeau, just 44, with a young family, stunning the world with his victory last November, following the path of his father, Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, a former boxer, now a political heartthrob, featured in January's American Vogue. [TO HEIL] Do you think he's dreamy, too? Is that a word you'd use? 
THE WASHINGTON POST’s EMILY HEIL: I might. I might use dreamy. 
ALLEN: Emily Heil covers the D.C. social scene for The Washington Post
HEIL: That same sort of celebrity culture that surrounded Obama, you're seeing that with the prime minister. 
ALLEN: And Trudeau has jumped in the campaign 2016, dubbed the anti-Trump, inviting Americans who say they'll flee if Trump wins to Canada.
TRUDEAU: Cape Bretton is lovely all times of the year.
ALLEN: But today, Trudeau would not take sides. 
TRUDEAU: I have tremendous confidence in the American people and look forward to working with whomever they choose to send to this White House. 
ALLEN: This evening, a glamorous White House State Dinner, 200 guests, celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Serious issues like trade, defeating ISIS, and climate change also on the agenda for what looked like a political bromance. The graying elder statesman passing the torch to a new star on the world stage. Ron Allen, NBC News, the White House.