Nets Ignore Hunter Biden Crying Poor, Wants Child Support Lowered

September 14th, 2022 8:48 PM

According to documents obtained by The Daily Mail, President Joe Biden’s son Hunter is attempting to lower his child support payments to the mother of his illegitimate child, Lunden Roberts. According to those same documents, Hunter filed a motion to “adjust child support Monday, citing 'a substantial material change' in his 'financial circumstances, including but not limited to his income’” according to The Daily Mail.

On Wednesday evening, all three evening newscasts (ABC's World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News) predictably ignored the story in favor of obsessive coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s casket lying in state, rapper R. Kelly’s guilty verdict, and a glacier collapsing. 

Hunter had fathered now-four-year-old Navy Jones in 2017 while high on drugs and hasn’t met the girl who now lives with her mother Lunden Roberts.   

“The child support order was set in March 2020 and adjusted four months later. It was filed under seal in Independence County, Arkansas, so there's no knowledge of just how much the payments are,” according to the Daily Mail.  

According to a November 2019 court filing, Hunter cried poor despite once living in a $20,000-per-month Mailbu house. Hunter claimed, “I am unemployed and have had no monthly income since May 2019.” 

In case you thought the Malibu home was a one-off, prior to that Hunter lived in a $25,000-per-month home in Venice, Los Angeles, which included 24-hour Secret Service protection.  

Roberts and Hunter conceived Navy Joan in December 2017 while Hunter was in a relationship with Hallie Biden, his brother Beau’s widow. 

Despite the affair and DNA evidence that Navy Joan was his daughter, Hunter continued to deny he had enough money to pay her child support. 

According to The Daily Mail: “Roberts chased Hunter through the courts for 10 months after he claimed that he was too poor to pay child support despite living in a $12,000-per-month Hollywood rental and driving a Porsche at the time.”

Roberts eventually won a $2.5 million settlement from Hunter after an Arkansas judge ordered him to produce financial records proving he couldn’t afford to pay child support. 

Needless to say, if this was one of the Trump children, this would lead every newscast in the country. Since it’s Biden’s deadbeat drug addict son, the leftist networks keep their viewers in the dark. 

This bias by omission from the three networks was made possible by Prevagen on ABC, Angi on CBS, and Progressive on NBC. Their information is linked.