TIME's Zeke Miller Notes Amusing 'All Hope Is Lost' Democrat Fundraising E-mails

May 31st, 2014 8:57 AM

We just had to pass this on for your amusement. Time magazine's Zeke Miller has a piece documenting House Democrats' overwrought, melodramatic fundraising emails. You can check them out here

As you read through them, you realize these sort of emails are ripe for late-night comedy and maybe for snarky treatment on shows like Morning Joe or The Five. Of course, as Miller explains, this catastrophic sky-is-falling fundraising copy, well, it's actually working for the Democrats:

[A]lready the DCCC has raised more money online than it did in the entire 2012 cycle.

“With Congressional Republicans prioritizing their special interest backers over the American people, the stakes of this election are high for middle-class families,” DCCC spokesman Josh Schwerin said. “We rely on our grassroots supporters to keep pace with the millions of dollars we face from the likes of the Koch brothers.”

A critic might note that, for a party fixated on an "income inequality" kick, the Democrats could be argued to be cravenly exploiting the fears of their working and middle-class donors, including, probably, a fair share of them who are retirees or otherwise on fixed incomes. There's nothing like scaring Granny to get her to cough up that $25 she might have otherwise sent to her grandson Johnny for his birthday.

Oh, and who, exactly is ponying up the big bucks to match, heck, sometimes triple-match those small-dollar donations? Dark money, much?