UPDATED | John Fugelsang Tweets, Deletes 'NAFTA Screwed a Lot More People Than NAMBLA'

December 19th, 2013 1:10 PM

Updated (15:25 EST): Fugelsang testily tweeted, "Hey, I deleted a NAFTA joke earlier cos someone politely asked me. Cue the jackal child-men of Newsbusters. NAFTA hurt them, too." To that, @bfinstock quipped in reply, "Probably best to keep 'child-men' out of a tweet in which you are describing the deletion of a 'NAMBLA' joke." |  "NAFTA screwed a lot more people than NAMBLA," left-wing comedian and frequent cable news pundit John Fugelsang tweeted this morning.

Fugelsang has since deleted that tweet, but not before it was screen-captured, probably because NAMBLA, of course, refers to the North American Man-Boy Love Association, a group that wants to destigmatize or at least decriminalize pederasty [h/t Twitter user @bfinstock]:


"Uh, might have sounded funny, but no. NAMBLA victims are children," tweeted @BexaRaven in reply.

"[T]echnically NAMBLA rapes boys. So while I enjoy sick humor u may want to rethink this one a bit," added @timbishop4000.