Michael Moore Uses Veterans Day to Plug His Movie Theater, Attack Conservatives

Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore has taken to Twitter today to politicize Veterans Day with predictable political rhetoric about Republican-proposed cuts to food stamps affecting veterans, etc. But one tweet that virtually everyone should agree went beyond the pale was an egregiously beyond-the-pale reference to veteran suicides: "Today, as every day, 22 American veterans will commit suicide. Happy Veterans Day." [see screen capture below page break]

Yesterday evening, Mr. Moore felt compelled to share how veterans can see a free screening of a newly-released historical drama at his State Theatre moviehouse in Traverse City, Michigan: "Tomorrow, Veterans Day, all veterans admitted for free at our theater in Traverse City, MI - the State Theatre. Showing '12 Years a Slave'."

While it's commendable that Moore lets veterans -- and "peace workers" according to his theatre's website -- see films for free, it seems evident that Veterans Day serves two purposes for the anti-war director: bashing conservatives and shamelessly promoting his theater.

To be fair, the Traverse City Film Festival -- the legal entity which owns the State Theatre -- does have an "affirmative action" policy aimed at hiring military veterans:

WE HIRE VETERANS. The Traverse City Film Festival and State Theatre’s affirmative action policy encourages veterans, especially those of the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars, to apply for open positions at the State Theatre. We post our open positions with local veterans groups and at active and reserve duty headquarters. View our currently open job position here.

We are a business that reaches out to returning veterans and welcomes them back into the community, with real employment and training that give them a future here in northern Michigan. Veterans applying at our business are welcomed and hired. We believe the best way to thank our veterans for their service is not to say it, but to do it.

Again, that's all well and good, it doesn't excuse Moore's disrespectful trolling, particularly on the matter of suicide rates in military veterans, which he could have called attention to without such a jarring, offensive tweet.

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