Bozell, Varney Discuss Networks' Nearly 3-Month Blackout of Damning Revelations in IRS Scandal

An incredulous Stuart Varney brought NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell on his Varney & Co. program this morning to discuss how  "[t]he mainstream media [have been] completely ignoring one the the biggest news stories of the year," by devoting zero news stories to the IRS scandal since July.

"Is that accurate, they haven't even mentioned it since those dates we put up on the screen?!" Varney asked Bozell at the segment. "It's fascinating and so troubling" because we have "one of the greatest abuses in my lifetime, the greatest abuse of federal power ever, where you're using the most-feared arm of government  against the people and you're seeing one revelation after another" which the networks simply refuse to cover. The Media Research Center founder and president rattled off just a few [LISTEN to mp3 audio here; WATCH the video below the page break]:

We see the revelation that IRS culprits gave themselves or got promotions. We saw the evidence that they are in fact going after the Tea Party. We saw the evidence that came out that Lois Lerner,  who plead the Fifth and who has suggested that it was the Cincinnati operatives who were responsible for this, in fact  had emails saying, don't give it to them, give it to higher ups. 

We have evidence that they were illegally obtaining donor files and then promising to destroy them while keeping them. We've now learned that they were going after tax-exempt organizations who mentioned ObamaCare. This is how bad it's gotten.


Varney and Bozell also discussed how the "establishment media," in Varney's words, is treating that story. "Well, hate to say it," Bozell noted, but even otherwise excellent journalists like Varney was unfairly reporting it as Republicans threatening a shutdown. "I think you all are getting it wrong," Bozell noted, when, "In fact, if you look at the actual language of the CR [continuing resolution] as passed by the House, it funds everything in the government except for ObamaCare. It would be the president, it would be the Senate that would cause the shutdown. It would be the Democrats, not the Republicans, Bozell argued.

At this Varney replied that he was simply arguing that Republicans "would get the blame" if a shutdown happened because of the bias of the liberal "establishment media."

"But that's always the case," Bozell shot back, noting that "the Republicans are always going to live" with that threat of a biased media seeking to soak Republicans with the blame. The difference, however, is that the American people want ObamaCare defunded.

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