MSNBC's Facebook Page Churning Out Positive Obama/Syria Memes

MSNBC hosts are skeptical if not downright opposed in principle to President Obama's push to bomb Syria, but the Facebook page is doing its level best to present President Obama in a favorable light, complete with photo memes of the president adorned with quotes related to his Syria policy. [see screen captures below page break]

On September 1, the day after President Obama announced he was going to seek congressional approval, MSNBC Facebook page editors posted a photo of the president emblazoned with the following quote:

"Our democracy is stronger when the president and the people's representatives stand together." President Obama August 31, 2013

The accompanying text reads:

President Obama will seek congressional approval before taking military action in Syria...

and their responses have poured in. Read them here:

Three days later, the network's social media folks were at it again, taking a laughable line from the president about how it was not he who drew the now-infamous "red line" but the world:

"I didn't set a red line, the world set a red line." President Obama on Syria 9/4/2013

The accompanying text read:

President Obama is making the international case for action in Syria.


Below are the images in question:

P.S.: Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year holiday, began yesterday at sunset. To wish their Jewish Facebook fans a happy new year, MSNBC elected to, you guessed it, treat everyone to another photo of Obama, this one originally from the president's Facebook account showing him in a synagogue:

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