Video: Bozell Bashes Liberal Media Censorship of Bad News on ObamaCare

The liberal media "are deliberately censoring news and information from the American people" on ObamaCare that would cast the Obama administration in a negative light, NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell charged on the April 11 edition of Varney & Co.

The Media Research Center president rattled off a few such developments that the liberal media completely ignored (watch the full segment below):


BRENT BOZELL, NewsBusters publisher: March 22nd, you have a situation where 33 Senate Democrats join with 40-some Republicans to vote against the 2.3 percent sales tax on medical devices. That is a huge setback for ObamaCare. Total network news stories: zero.

March 26. Another report comes out that says the health claims in the states are going to rise between 32 and 80 percent and that health care spending is going to double. A dramatic reversal for ObamaCare. Network news stories: zero.

March 26. You get a new report that comes out that says the Secretary of HHS, Sebelius herself, admits that premiums for new policies are going to go up. That is a complete contradiction to what the president told the American people when he sold it [ObamaCare] to them. Network news stories: zero.

April 3rd. You have another report that comes out that the system of exchanges in this country that were supposed to help small businesses are being put off for a year because it's a complete train wreck of a system. How many news reports on that? None.

April 4th, you have a poll -- this was a good one -- that says that two out of three Democrats now believe that ObamaCare will hurt them or not help them. Overall, 78 percent of the American people now believe that ObamaCare is going to hurt them, not help them. Only 15 percent of the American public believes that ObamaCare is going to help them.

Put them all together: No single network news story on any of that. Now, I rest my case, they're censoring information.

STUART VARNEY, host, Varney & Co.: No question, Brent. You've laid out the case and I'm buying it. There is deliberate censorship of information about ObamaCare.

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