Liberal Comedian John Fugelsang: Yeah, Hamas Is Terrorist Organization, But At Least They Were Elected

November 19th, 2012 5:42 PM

Yes, Hamas is a terrorist organization that indiscriminately fires rockets into civilian population centers in Israel. But hey, they ARE the people's choice.

That essentially is what comedian John Fugelsang offered listeners as he guest hosted the November 19 edition of Full Court Press, the radio program of liberal commentator Bill Press. Only, of course, Fugelsang was being completely serious as he discussed the matter with anti-nuclear weapons activist Joseph Cirincione (see video below, or listen to the MP3 here):

One can hate the things that Hamas has done and hate the lives that Hamas has taken, while also respecting democracy and respecting that Hamas for all of their flaws are the only organization they've got there in Palestine right now until the next Gandhi comes from there. And my dream is that the next Gandhi will come from Palestine or Israel and know how to use social media and an iPhone and bring about real social change, because I think we share the opinion there's no military solution to this.