NBC News Doesn't Consider Thursday Evening Speech by Staples Founder All That 'Notable'

Once again the folks at NBC News have "curated some of the notable speeches" from a night at the GOP convention. As I noted here and here, NBC left out some compelling speeches by minority politicians who started out in life as Democrats. This time, among the speeches that didn't make the cut was that of Tom Stemberg, the founder of Staples. Staples is one of the wildest success stories of Bain Capital, the much-maligned private equity firm that Mitt Romney co-founded.

In his brief speech, Stemberg praised Romney's tenure at Bain and blasted the Obama/Democratic Senate's handling of the economy:

The Obama campaign will tell you that Bain Capital was a form of “Vampire Capitalism.” Drain the blood from a company and move on. They just don’t get it. Where were they when Mitt stayed with Staples for 15 years – long after Bain Capital had sold its stock? Where were they when Bain Capital helped start Steel Dynamics, when most people had given up on the American steel industry? Eighteen years later that company employs 6,000 people. But this administration they just don’t get it. They’ve got a Jobs Council that never meets. A Democratic Senate that doesn’t act. A President who doesn’t believe and a Vice President who won’t stop talking. They just don’t get it.

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