MSNBC Hypes Minor Romney Gaffe, Edits Video to Remove Substance of Argument, Suggest He's Out of Touch

The next time a liberal friend of yours -- with a straight face -- tells you that MSNBC is concerned with substantive campaign reporting, you can throw this back at them.

The Right Scoop blog has an excellent post today -- be sure to also check out Soopermexican's original post -- about how the network's latest fixation: Mitt Romney mistakenly calling the Wawa convenience store chain "Wawa's" and seeming to be enthralled with their system for obtaining made-to-order sandwiches. Afternoon anchor Andrea Mitchell hinted at a long-since discredited "supermarket scanner" meme about President George H.W. Bush, suggesting Romney was unfamiliar with touch-screens in convenience stores. But missing in the network's fixation on the minor gaffe is the substance of Romney's comments, Right Scoop notes:

He was making a comparison of the government vs private sector, how difficult it was for a optometrist to change his address via the post office vs ordering a Hoagie at Wawas.


Romney isn’t out of touch here at all. Whether you like his comparison or not, it was absolutely not what was represented by MSNBC.

Here's the unedited video that MSNBC won't show you:

And here's how Mitchell fixated on the trivial to mock Romney:

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