MSNBC's Mitchell Unwittingly Contradicts Herself in Attempt to Bash Florida Voter 'Purge'

Florida is a "state where a small number of ballots can swing a presidential race," MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell noted on her eponymous program this afternoon as she introduced Miami Herald's Marc Caputo to discuss Florida's attempt to "purge" its voter rolls of noncitizens.

But while Caputo noted that some 13 noncitizens -- who are of course ineligible to vote -- have been found and eliminated from the state's voter rolls thanks to the Sunshine State's efforts, Mitchell sought to present the inquiry as a waste of time because it's found so few noncitizens on the voter rolls thus far.


"So, Marc, the bottom line is there's so little evidence of real fraud, how do the proponents of this justify it based on the argument that they've got to clean up the voting rolls?" Mitchell asked Caputo, just minutes after noting that Florida's 2000 election recount proved that even a "small number of ballots can swing" a race.

"You don't know how many people are dissuaded from voting just by all of the rigmarole involved, so it really does become an issue of voter suppression," Mitchell insisted later in the segment, without of course providing any evidence to back up her claim.

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