NBC's Guthrie: I 'Hope' Democrats Are 'Furiously Taking Notes' on Gingrich, Perry Slams on Romney

After suggesting that Republicans had done a better job of "enunciating" an anti-capitalist attack on Mitt Romney than "the Democrats have to date," NBC correspondent told fellow panelists on the January 11 Daily Rundown, "I hope the Democrats are furiously taking notes if this is the line of attack they plan to pursue against Mitt Romney."

Perhaps trying to evince a sense of fairness or balance, Guthrie then added (MP3 audio available here; video posted below page break):

On the flip side, it gives Mitt Romney an opportunity to refine his response to it in these early days when, let's face it, independent, persuadable voters aren't paying as much attention as, say, the people around this table are.

Even so, we have an ostensibly objective journalist saying that she "hope[s]" that Democrats figure out how to sharpen their attack lines to sink Romney into the general election -- assuming he wins the GOP nomination, of course.

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