MSNBC's Bashir Lumps Neo-Nazi Murders of Turkish Immigrants with GOP Immigration Views

To Alex Wagner, "the rhetoric around immigration in this country is as strident and as divisive as it has [ever] been." But immediately after saying that on the December 2 edition of Now with Alex Wagner, the MSNBC host's British-born colleague Martin Bashir went off the deep end, lumping Rick Perry and Herman Cain in with German neo-Nazis suspected in a string of immigrant murders (MP3 audio here; video update to be posted later):


Horrific. And, it's interesting when you hear Herman Cain talk about alligators in the moat and an electrified fence, and then you have Rick Perry talking about using predator drones across the area. Those two are reflected also in Europe.

Do you know this week the German government issued an appeal to the public to help find a group of neo-Nazis who they believe are responsible for 10 murders. This week.

And these murders have been termed the "kebab murders" because they are workers on stalls who are Turkish.

And what you're seeing in France is the lead candidate for the presidential election next year is the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marine Le Pen, and guess what? He is a far-right racist.

And so, this is consistent with an economic downturn globally. And who do people start going for? They start going for immigrants. And that's why Gingrich was so ought of sync.

Because at a point when everyone in the Republican field was condemning illegal immigration in the most strident terms, he was a guy who was actually pointing at the fact that the vast majority of these people, two-thirds, have been here for more than 10 years. They are integrated into this country.

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