WaPo 'On Faith' Editor Quinn: I'm Not an Atheist But, Basically, God Is Something We All Make Up

Marking the fifth anniversary of Washington Post's "On Faith" section with a November 17 post on the "five lessons" she's learned while serving as the online feature editor, Sally Quinn declared that she's no longer an atheist, nor an agnostic, really, because "It simply means that you don’t know" and "By that definition we are all agnostics. The pope is an agnostic."

Quinn ultimately went on to define God as whatever you think him/her/it to be:

Another question I always ask is, “What or who is God to you?” I have never received the same answer. Nobody has ever described God as a white bearded old man in a long flowing white robe sitting on a throne in heaven. Given the fact that God is clearly so personal and that we all have such different ideas of who or what God is, how can anyone not respect the views of others?

I have found that nobody has the same view, regardless of whether they are of the same religion, the same family, the same country, or the same culture or race.

What I have learned is this:

God is what you or I or anyone else says God is.

This I know.

Quinn is entitled to her squishy, post-modern point-of-view, but persons of deep religious faith may wonder how exactly Quinn is well-suited to edit a blog on religious faith when she doesn't seem to believe that truth is eternal and absolute and fundamentally connected to the character of an immutable and eternal God.

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