WaPo 'Lunchline' Email: 'Abortion Rights Supporters... Dealt a Major Blow In Virginia'

September 16th, 2011 1:58 PM

Update (15:30 EDT): Yates notes our criticism on Facebook (see screen capture at bottom of post)

In today's "Lunchline" -- a free Washington Post e-mail newsletter with teasers and links to stories in the day's paper and on the website -- staffer Clinton Yates linked to Anita Kumar's story on Virginia's Board of Health adopting new regulations on the state's abortion clinics.

Yates's tease was heavy on loaded language favorable to pro-choicers:

Abortion rights supporters were dealt a major blow in Virginia on Thursday. The state's board of health approved new, stricter regulations for abortion clinics that could force more than 20 to close. The new law mandates that clinics be considered as ambulatory surgery centers and requires them to meet hospital-type regulations. The Post's Anita Kumar reports on the reproductive rights issue that some say is being unfairly fought in a courtroom and which brought "passionate public testimony from residents split over the regulations."

As you can see from the screen capture embedded below, Yates made Kumar's story the top item in his digest.

Earlier today I wrote a critique of Kumar's story. You can find that here.