Incensed That Obama Speech Pushed Back a Day, NYT Whines Boehner Needs to 'Grow Up'

September 2nd, 2011 3:07 PM

Speaker John Boehner politely suggesting that President Obama can be accommodated to give an address to a joint session of Congress a day later than the date he originally requested is "contemptuous," "cynical" and "craven" to the New York Times editorial board.

In their top editorial headlined, "Oh, Grow Up," the Times childishly whined about Speaker John Boehner's "unprecedented" request.

But by the end of the 12-paragraph editorial it was perfectly clear the Times was really angry at President Obama for having "caved, to no one's surprise," on the timing of his speech.

"One day won't make a difference," the Times admitted, "but the political spectacle and the final result only served to further underscore the president's weakness."

"Worse, the vital importance of the speech -- and the need for Congress to take its full responsibility for creating jobs and reviving the economy -- was upstaged by yet another Washington soap opera," the Times huffed.

But in fact this is a "soap opera" largely of the media's invention, including the Times.