Baltimore Sun Marks 174th Anniversary with Requisite Obama Worship

Today marks 174 years that the Baltimore Sun has been in print. As part of their celebration, the Charm City broadsheet has an "Historic Baltimore Sun front pages" feature that includes a mix of momentous events in Baltimore, American and world history such as the 1904 fire, the Lincoln assassination, and D-Day.

But it's also a feature that's capped off with two gushy Obama-related front pages.

The first, a November 5, 2008 special full-color front page marks the election of "the nation's first black president." That's understandable but the second was ludicrous then and remains so now.

"Obama Traces Lincoln Steps On Way to Presidency" blared the January 18, 2009 banner headline, marking the then-President-elect's arrival in Baltimore to give a speech at the War Memorial Plaza.

See the screen capture below page break.

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