WaPo Hypes Plight of Woman 'Relying on Planned Parenthood' for Health Care

Doing it's level best to push the meme that Planned Parenthood is a crucial provider of basic medical services for poor women -- and hence deserving of federal taxpayer support -- today's Washington Post devoted one-eighth of page A5 in today's print edition to a photo entitled "Relying on Planned Parenthood."

Depicted is a 24-year-old woman, one Minah Khan, having blood drawn "during a checkup at Planned Parenthood in Washington."

"She says she is unable to afford health insurance and receives all her women's health care at the Planned Parenthood facility, the site of a rally Tuesday in support of D.C. budget autonomy," the caption concluded.

But a quick Internet search shows there are health clinics in the District that provide both primary care and OB/GYN services regardless of ability to pay, such as the ones run by Unity Health Care, Inc., which has 13 locations in the city.

Planned Parenthood, by contrast, has a mere two locations in the District.

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