Joe Klein Hails Obama's Followership on Libya Crisis

Leading the free world is highly overrated and so last century.

Just ask Time's Joe Klein, who is giddy that our European allies and the Arab League took a leading role in setting up a no-fly zone over Libya, some 31 days after Muammar al-Qadhafi started opening fire upon ragtag rebels.

From a March 18 entry entitled "Gaddafi Duck" at the magazine's Swampland blog:

There's been some amazing diplomacy afoot over the past few days regarding multilateral actions to be taken, perhaps, against Libya. The notion that the Arab League came out in favor of a no-fly zone is extraordinary; that the UN Security Council, not an easy place to press military action, has agreed is almost mind-boggling. I remain extremely skeptical about military action, but the unanimity of world opinion--especially the opinion of Gaddafi's neighbors--is certainly a welcome and bracing phenomenon. It will be interesting to see how, and whether, the U.S. participates in the actions to come. It would be a very welcome change if we let those closest to the situation--the Arabs, the Europeans--lead the charge. We don't always have to be lead dog when it comes to kinetic/testosteronic matters, do we?

Fine talking points to excuse, even applaud President Obama's weak leadership on the Libya crisis.
Of course, for his part, Klein noted yesterday morning that he'd just as well write off the plight of the Libyan people, focusing our efforts on Egypt, by, you guessed it, spending lots of taxpayer money on infrastructure there.
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