Eleanor Clift Holds Out Hope of Democrats Retaining the House

For Eleanor Clift, the dream will never die. At least not until after all the polls close on November 2.

The uber-liberal Newsweek contributor presses Democrats to "Keep Dreaming" in an October 25 post at the magazine's website.

Clift insists that it is possible that Democrats can get their base motivated enough to keep Republicans from taking the House:

Nov. 2 will doubtless bring its share of surprises, and one of them could be that Democrats suddenly awaken to the threat posed by a Republican takeover of Congress. The same enthusiasts who got Obama elected may decide that the chance to deliver another big blow to the GOP is just too enticing to pass up. They don’t even have to really win. The party in power typically loses seats in the first midterms after a new president takes office, and Republicans have been anticipating a big victory for months. So even if the Democrats lose seats—but manage somehow to hang on to slim majorities in the House and Senate—that will be a huge success.

But how on Earth could the Democrats pull that off? To Clift it's as simple as Obama holding huge get-out-the-vote rallies, Democrats hammering Republicans as being in the pocket of "anonymous" "special interest" donors,  and scaring pro-choice women into thinking Roe v. Wade hangs in the balance.

Of course, in doing so, Clift practically portrays Democratic base voters as gullible sheeple.

Leaving that aside, Clift fails to explain how exactly all of her recommendations are supposed to sew up the gap Obama and Democrats have with support from independent voters. What's more, Clift fails to address how the tide of history is against her theory that young  voters will flood the polling places next Tuesday in order to say "screw you" to the party currently OUT of power when the economy is struggling to recover from recession and most Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction.

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