Hell Hath No Fury Like a Pro-abortion Activist Scorned?

"After a recent NEWSWEEK article angered many young abortion-rights activists, we gathered a roundtable to discuss the future of the movement," the magazine noted on its Web site today.

The recent article in question was Sarah Kliff's April 16 Web-published article "Remember Roe!", in which the writer lamented the "lack of passion" among millennial generation pro-choicers. 

Apparently Kliff's conclusions raised a bit of a stink amongst pro-choice activists, so Newsweek set about to appease the pro-choice movement by hosting and then posting the results of an online pow-wow of pro-choicers:

Earlier this month, NEWSWEEK published an article on what’s been called the “graying” of the abortion-rights movement: the idea that older women are promoting the cause while younger women are uninvolved. It's a concern that's been raised before and that left younger pro-choice activists asking, "What about us?" What resulted was a spirited and informative debate online, where abortion rights activists of all ages discussed what role younger women play in the movement and what the future of that movement looks like.

We invited leaders from established pro-choice groups, newer organizations, and prominent online voices to continue that conversation together. Over the course of two days, they discussed the issues raised by the article over e-mail. An edited transcript follows...

Included in the online roundtable was a veritable who's who of the pro-choice movement from Nancy Keenan of NARAL to liberal blogger Amanda Marcotte -- most infamous for resigning from the John Edwards presidential campaign after posting a blasphemous blog post about the Virgin Mary.

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