Newsweek's Fineman: Rep. John Dingell is Aaron to Obama's Moses

For as much as we on the Right have lambasted the liberal media for religious metaphors when it comes to Barack Obama, you'd think they'd eventually learn their lesson.

But apparently they just can't help themselves, particularly now that ObamaCare has passed and they see America entering into a progressive Promised Land.

Here's Howard Fineman from a March 23 Newsweek Gaggle blog post published after the signing ceremony:

The scene was as casual as it was remarkable:  83-year-old Congressman John Dingell of Michigan in his shirtsleeves, his long frame stretched out on a couch as he watched the C-Span feed of the House proceeding.

He slowly sat up, stuck out his hand for a handshake, and smiled in triumph. "This bill isn't everything I might have wished for," he told me. "No piece of legislation is perfect. What we do here is incremental. But I'm happy. And I know my dad would have been, too. He would have said, 'Son, you did all right."

If Obama is the Moses of the new health-care law, Dingell is the Aaron—except that, unlike Aaron, he's happily alive to reach the (incremental) promised land. "There is a certain satisfaction," said Dingell as he kept an eye on the TV.

To paraphrase Solomon, like a dog who returns to his vomit, so a liberal journalist returns to his Obama worship.

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