Newsweek Denigrates ObamaCare Opponents with Derisive 'Town Hall Face' Gallery

As my colleague Tim Graham brought to my attention this morning, Newsweek is not content to let its advocacy for ObamaCare lie in the realm of biased writing. Nope, it appears the gang at Newsweek wants to help along President Obama by lampooning earnest Americans who expressed their displeasure last year at town hall meetings.

Why Newsweek chose now to roll out its photo gallery on "The Town Hall Face" now is anyone's guess, but I believe it's part of an effort by Newsweek to deride the skeptical American public as too deranged to understand how good ObamaCare will be for them.

Here's how the editors prefaced their 23-image slideshow, wherein most targets of derision were ObamaCare critics:

It’s an expression that knows few boundaries: bulging eyes, gaping mouths, flared nostrils with teeth exposed, seemingly ready to snap. It’s the look of the angry, the confused, the bewildered and just plain weary--and we’ve seen it plastered across front pages since lawmakers began a circuit of town hall meetings earlier this month. Meant to clarify, many of these meetings have roiled tensions, polarized neighbors, and, when it comes to health care, only further confused. They’ve also given rise to what we think might be an even bigger health concern: what we’re dubbing 'Town Hall Face.' A look at the mugs that have launched a thousand soundbytes.

Of course Newsweek did include a token still shot of an ObamaCare supporter with townhall face as its seventh image in the photo gallery...:

You might think health-reform opponents are the only victims of this malady, but anger is contagious, and can easily spread to supporters, as this man demonstrates at a forum in Rocky Mount, N.C. on Aug. 11.

...and Newsweek also featured Democratic Senator Ben Cardin (Md.) in a positive light by showing his "Zen face" from a contentious town hall meeting in the 13th image in the slideshow:

To avoid the highly contagious affliction, some lawmakers--such as Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin at this town hall in Towson, Md.--put on their best Zen Face.

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