Confess Your Biggest 'Eco Sin' to the Baltimore Sun, Win a Green Prize

Who said the secular liberal media don't have religion? Just ask the Baltimore Sun, which is offering eco-absolution of a sort for readers who confess their greatest "eco sin" to the editors of their environmentalist blog.

What follows is Kim Walker's September 18 entry, "What's your biggest eco sin?" at the Sun's B'More Green blog:

I wrote earlier today about being initially hesitant about switching to a low flow showerhead. Water (over)usage is my biggest eco sin. And every time I soak in a hot bath after a long day at work, I swear it'll be my last.

We all try to lessen our footprint, but everyone has a weakness or two. (Except for B'More Green blogger Meredith, who takes home her work junk mail so she can recycle it.) Are you a paper towel junkie? Do you love your SUV? Share your biggest eco sin in the comments by 5 p.m. Monday (Sept. 21) for a chance to win a prize. One commenter will receive an ecotools pampering kit with bamboo nail brush and lotion and cream that are 98 percent from nature. (I know, I know, a green blog shouldn't be rewarding bad behavior, but perhaps confessing your sins is the first step to reform.)

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