Columbia Univ. President Calls for More Taxpayer-funded News Outlets, Grads Cheer

If the cheers of Columbia University's Class of 2009 are any indication, the future of journalism will be looking for a federal bailout.

Washington Times correspondent Christina Bellantoni live-tweeted today's event, noting the remarks from university president Lee Bollinger appealing for more government-owned media outlets. Bollinger also received "big cheers" for his call for increased spending on public broadcasting.

Here are the relevant tweets from Bellantoni's feed in reverse chronological order (emphasis mine):

  • Bollinger: "Must see foreign press as our press too" talks censorship, calls 4 press 2 have "full unfettered" access 2 war zones
  • Columbia prez Bollinger: More funding 4 pub. broadcasting, gets big cheers, we're roasting in hot sun - wearing hat made of newspaper
  • At Columbia grad Bollinger says "there will have to be new sources of funding" for press, lauds BBC, other govt supported news
  • At Columbia grad Bollinger says "unlikely the lone blogger could have had the wearwithal" to do Pulitzer level work
  • Columbia prez Bollinger: "Crisis in journalsim a crisis in democracy" & laments "shallow opinion mongering" not to be taken lightly
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