Bill Clinton Fresh with 'The Nanny', WaPo Gossip Column Misses Story [UPDATED]

May 20th, 2009 12:45 PM

Updated at bottom of post.

Did the former womanizer-in-chief pat The Nanny on the fanny? Numerous blogs and newspapers are asking that question thanks to a photo of former President Bill Clinton with his hand over actress Fran Drescher's posterior. 

Today's  "The Reliable Source" column in the Washington Post notes Bill Clinton's global jetsetting and charity fundraising, mentioning the appearance with Drescher at the Life Ball benefit. The column includes a photo of Clinton with his right arm around Drescher, his hand well above the waist, grasping her right shoulder.

Yet gossip columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts failed to note another photo that has caused a stir. Belgian Web site has the photo at its site (pictured at right). Here's a somewhat clunky English translation, courtesy of Google, from the original French:

Bill Clinton is still engaged.  No later than this Sunday, former U.S. President participated in the 2009 Life Ball, a charity ball against AIDS which takes place in Vienna.

For the occasion, Bill was very relaxed.  It has also shown very close to the actress Fran Drescher (a nanny from hell) even put his hand to the buttocks. Hillary will be delighted when they saw the pictures. (CB)

Update: Amy Argetsinger replied by e-mail declaring the photo "hilarious" and noting that she was not aware of it at time of publication:

Thanks so much for the posting and the link... and thanks for sharing the
Clinton nanny-fanny-pat photo which I had not seen nor heard of until I saw
it on your site.  It's hilarious! Wish we had known about it yesterday.