Bonnie Erbe: Meghan McCain 'Should Be the Future Leader' of the GOP

Well, that's one vote for Meghan McCain for Republican Party chairman. Too bad it's from a radical feminist columnist and blogger who insists that abortion is a "good decision" in the midst of a recession.

That's right, US News & World Report contributing editor Bonnie Erbe hacked out a short blog yesterday -- appropriately on 4/20, as if to answer the question, "What exactly is she smoking?" -- in which she praises the Daily Beast columnist and daughter of the Arizona Sen. John McCain as the future of the GOP:

Although Meghan McCain can sometimes come off a bit, shall we say, different, she gave a speech at the Log Cabin Republicans meeting this weekend that shows she has a brain and represents the views of lots and lots of young people and young members of the GOP.


In fact, she shows so much intelligence about where the GOP is or should be heading, at least in terms of what she mentioned in her speech, she should be the future leader of the party, not Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin or party chief Michael Steele.

Perhaps Erbe will write a follow-up blog imagining Bristol Palin serving as Meghan McCain's vice-chairman or the RNC treasurer. After all, Erbe has hailed Bristol as "display[ing] a lot more personal maturity and decision-making ability than her mother," Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

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