Does Newsweek Have a Prayer?

This news item led me to ask the question posed in the headline:

(Reuters) - Newsweek magazine is planning staff cuts as part of a major editorial makeover likely to result in a slimmer publication, the Wall Street Journal said, citing people close to the magazine.

The cuts are expected to be outlined in two companywide meetings on Thursday, and will come from an extension of voluntary redundancies offered in the spring, when Newsweek shed 111 jobs, the paper said.

It is not clear how many jobs will go but it is not expected to be nearly as many this time around, people with knowledge of the plan told the paper.

Editor Jon Meacham may be able to count on evangelical Christians praying for his magazine's success. After all, we are called to bless those who curse us, and Lisa Miller is just too entertaining to let go.

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