ABC Pimps New Gas Price Bias: Prices at Pump Drive Woman to Prostitution screencapture from July 7, 2008 | NewsBusters.orgHo no, here we go again. Gas price hysteria from the MSM.

"Here's a troubling look at what some people are doing for gas. A 34-year-old Kentucky woman was arrested for prostitution after she was allegedly trading sex for $100 gas cards."

So began a video story at, which made today's top headlines roundup with the teaser headline: "Sign of the Times: Sex for Gas." While the short video report included a prosecutor calling it a "sign of the times" that someone would trade sex for gasoline, failing to put the phrase in quotes in the headline implies that agrees with the prosecutor's personal opinion on gas prices and the criminal desperation supposedly caused by them.

Of course, there's also more to the story that we don't learn from Alleged hooker Angela Eversole may be a cheating hussy, but she's no whore, says her jilted boyfriend, according to WCPO-TV.:

"She's wrong for cheating on me, but that's what she was doing, so far as that goes. She definitively isn't a prostitute," Anthony Schaffner tells the station.

Gas cards in lieu of a fancy dinner date?! What are affairs coming to these days?! Must be a sign of the times.

Of course, whether Eversole traded sex for a gas card or whether it was a gift from a paramour is of little consequence to, which clearly aimed to present the story as proof of the depths of desperation otherwise law-abiding citizens go to due to high gas prices.

But that's not objective journalism, it's whoring out a strange crime story to further a biased media meme on gas prices.

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