What Do You Get When You Search CNN.com for 'Obama Gaffe' Video?

Screencap of CNN.com from June 10, 2008 | NewsBusters.orgAnswer: Just two videos (see screencap at right).

Inspired by featured CNN.com video of a McCain gaffe -- wherein the Arizona senator says he'd veto every beer -- I decided to search the CNN.com Web site for video of Obama gaffes.

I got a grand total of two.

Now, to be fair, searching "McCain gaffe" yielded no videos of McCain gaffes, but one from November 2006 entitled "Kerry's gift of gaffe," referring to the liberal Massachusetts senator and 2004 Democratic nominee and his suggestion that American troops were stupid.

All the same, given Sen. Obama's numerous gaffes, it is notable that only two videos surface when one does a search for them:

The first is from a debate exchange and centers around the now famous "bitter" comments about rural Americans. The second is a now-ancient gaffe about the number of fatalities from a spring 2007 tornado that wiped out a small Kansas town.

CNN, you may recall, is the same network that removed Obama's "fallen heroes" line from his Memorial Day speech, as NewsBusters Senior Editor Rich Noyes noted in a May 30 blog post:

Conservative bloggers and talk radio hosts have noticed the rash of gaffes - some goofy, some more serious - emanating from Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama lately, but the mainstream media's coverage of Obama's bouts with foot-in-mouth disease has been sparse, to say the least. In the case of one of Obama's more recent gaffes, however, a CNN reporter did Obama the favor of editing the gaffe right out of his story.

On Monday, Obama weirdly talked about honoring the nation's "unbroken line of fallen heroes - and I see many of them in the audience today." In a report on Tuesday night's CNN's Election Center, correspondent Joe Johns used that Obama soundbite in a piece on the candidate's "polling problem on patriotism" - but snipped out the part where Obama seemed to be seeing ghosts:

JOHN JOHNS: This is Barack Obama doing what you would expect a guy running for president to do on Memorial Day. He's honoring those who sacrificed everything.

BARACK OBAMA: On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes, our sense of patriotism is particularly strong.

Watching the video, you'll see a brief flash where CNN removed the part where Obama inexplicably says "and I see many of them in the audience today." Either Johns really needed to cut an extra two seconds out of his story, or he wanted to aid the candidate by removing his most bizarre comment of the day.

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