'Red Eye' Host a Prophet? Gutfeld Joked About Cannibalism/Global Warming Months Ago

NewsBusters.org | Photo of Greg Gutfeld via FoxNews.comIn an e-mail conversation today with Greg Gutfeld, the Fox News Channel "Red Eye" host pointed out to me that he joked about cannibalism as a solution to environmental woes, and this, mind you, months before Ted Turner came out clucking about how global warming will make us all cannibals.

Some might say Gut is a voice crying in the late night wilderness, but maybe he actually is a prophet. From his July 20, 2007 item at HuffPo (emphasis mine):

Many of our most thoughtful environmentalists are telling us that our planet is facing an unfathomable calamity. The combination of unbridled overpopulation and increasing greenhouses gases puts us on a path to destroy Mother Earth...unless we do something now. [...]

I have examined this problem closely and realize there is a simple answer to this dilemma. If overpopulation and consumption of animals cause major harm to our planet, then we can simply eradicate both threats through cannibalism.

Let's eat each other.


What I'm talking about is a healing process for the earth.

But in a pot.

With carrots and maybe some spring potatoes.

And really, in order to embrace modern environmentalism, you must reject any exceptionalism about humanity, or any possibility that something good might come from creating more people.

Trivia fact du jour: Gutfeld and MRC/NB's very own Tim Graham were once classmates (fall 1987, National Journalism Center).

Publicity photo of Gutfeld via FoxNews.com

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