Trumpets Dow Rally, Other Network Websites Downplay It

Wall Street saw a 391-point rally on the Dow today, the first day of the second quarter. saw the development worthy of a "Breaking News" tag towards the top of its Web page and put the story in the top headlines rotation.

But it appears that was alone among its competitors in trumpeting the news. I checked numerous Web sites shortly after 5:30 and found ABC's to be the only one to give the rally top billing. [see the screencaps below the page break]

Not even, which usually puts good economic news front-and-center, made the story prominent on its front page, although it was the second item in the "Latest News" listing. also had the story at the top of the "Latest News" roster. gave the story top billing in the Business section of its front page. didn't even have the story in it's front-page listing of Business articles.

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