Campaign Plant Busted by Bloggers? Same Guy Shows Up at Two Luntz Focus Groups

Pollster Frank Luntz has some 'splainin' to do writes Michelle Malkin, who has a post with video about one Granite State gentleman who's shown up in more than one Luntz focus group.

New Hampshire's a small state, but c'mon:

Yep. I think Frank Luntz, not any of the campaigns, is the one who needs to answer the questions about who Mr. Undecided is–and how he managed to end up in both focus groups. Transparency about how all of the people in the room ended up there would be wise.

Update 13:37 | Matthew Sheffield. Reading FreeRepublic last night, I saw this story being discussed. I didn't write about it, though, since the man featured above may simply have been a carryover from an earlier focus group. Is that somehow not allowed?

Allah is similarly skeptical: "The allegation about him is that he’s a plant for the Romney campaign, but I don’t see the evidence for that. In the first clip, he’s promoting McCain. In the second, he’s promoting Romney."

Update 14:04 | Matthew Sheffield. I put in a call to Luntz's company to see what they have to say about this. They're supposed to call me back so let's wait and see.

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