Ace of Spades Mocks Media Falling For Bogus Bullets Story

I'm no expert on firearms or anything, but I'm pretty sure spent ammunition doesn't look shiny and pristine. So why did the AFP (and Yahoo!, which syndicated the photo) swallow that notion hook, line, and sinker?

See Ace for more. Here's an excerpt:

[AFP Caption:] An elderly Iraqi woman shows two bullets
which she says hit her house following an early coalition forces raid
in the predominantly Shiite Baghdad suburb of Sadr City.

It's like a how a dull knife inflicts the nastiest wounds. The monsters we call "our troops" are now throwing intact, unused ammunition at poor elderly Iraqi women to inflict the cruelest wound of all: mocking disdain.

Thanks to CAD Daddy, and also dri.

Sure seems like a ripe picture for photoshopping. What other deadly implements might our boys have tossed at her home? What other instruments of death might be seen held in that gnarled hand?

A rubber chicken, perhaps? A Fozzie the bear Muppet doll? Who knows what Beauchampian mockeries our military monsters are capable of.


Update: Uncle Jimbo at Black Five also has a good take.

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