CNN Anchor: Jihad Mouse 'Reaches Out' to Palestinian Kids

"Recruiting the next generation of militants. A Mickey Mouse-like character reaches out to Palestinian children."

That's how CNN's Jim Clancy, co-host of "Your World Today" teased a May 9 story about the infamous rodent that hosts an Hamas-funded TV show geared towards little children. (see related NB post here)

Video (0:34): Real (960 kB) or Windows (1.06 MB), plus MP3 (492 kB).

After the theme music for "Your World Today" concluded, Clancy and co-host Rosemary Church took turns setting up the terror mouse story.:

CLANCY: "We begin with a powerful message of hatred, resistance, and defiance in the Middle East."

CHURCH: "Now, normally we see such emotions displayed in the streets with violent attacks, but when children are on the receiving end of these messages, it stirs up some controversy."

No foolin,' Sherlock.

Update 23:53 | Matthew Sheffield After the offensive show was exposed online and in the media, Hamas has put the show "under review."


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