Feminist Site 'Jezebel' Showcases 'Untrained Illegal Abortionist'

September 17th, 2013 3:40 PM

With the tide of popular opinion and state law running against them, abortion absolutists are turning to saviors (Wendy “Pink Tennis Shoes” Davis) and martyrs like the one profiled recently on the ultra-feminist liberal site Jezebel. 

In an article titled “I Help Women, and I Could Go To Jail for It,” an anonymous author who claimed to be “one of America’s unlicensed, untrained illegal abortionists” told how s/he began an on-the-side career of dealing abortion drugs after receiving “desperate emails” and “desperate pleas” from numerous women. 

Offering women abortifacient services didn’t come without a cost though, as the writer admitted: “I know, when I do it, that it could be a devil's bargain—that this could be the envelope that gets traced back to me. This could be the one that lands me in prison. Or, even worse, it could be the one that kills someone.” (Wait … abortion kills?) S/he continued, “I don't know what I would do with that on my conscience.” Well, if your conscience isn’t a problem by now, you’d probably be ok. 

The writer’s clients are women, many “mothers already,” who face obstacles to abortion such as money and geographical location. These women, the writer worried, “told me they’d try anything: herbs, soaps” and even the infamous wire hanger. 

The writer also revealed that while, “I don't know how many people like me are in the United States,” there are others in the drug dealing business – most of them women, immigrants, and, “like me, never get near surgical abortion implements like cervical dilators or vacuum machines.”

Immigrants, the writer explained, play a central role because they can bring in abortifacients from across the U.S. border. Which, the author pointed out is not illegal in the U.S. (because this is all about what’s legal).

As far as abortifacient funding, the writer clarified, “some women have sent Paypal contributions when I send them pills, but if they don’t, I don't argue,” because, “I’d rather get them what they need.” A regular Mother Theresa. 

An uncertified provider sending dangerous, unregulated drugs across state lines … this is the kind of situation the nanny state abhors. But somehow, its hard to imagine Eric Holder’s justice department making it a priority. 

Besides this gem, Jezebel has coughed up other abortion pieces this year, from one on calculating the best age for women to abort to another proclaiming Down Syndrome babies ‘live terrible lives.’