GMA's 'I Love Yous' to Hillary the Broncos Fan

With Senator Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic Convention, the co-hosts of "Good Morning America" could not get over their awe for the Clintons. On the August 27 edition, at the end of George Stephanopoulos’ analysis, the co-hosts debated exactly how Former President Bill Clinton expressed his love for his wife, with Chris Cuomo believing the former president stated "I love forever and ever."

SAWYER: Okay, I'm going to finish up with something because we were arguing about it here. Do we have reracked President Clinton from his seat up in the stands? We're disagreeing. You think he's saying what, Chris Cuomo?

CHRIS CUOMO: I think I love -- I love you forever and ever.

STEPHANOPOULOS: It's three I love yous.

SAWYER: No, I think I love you, I love you, I love you.

STEPHANOPOULOS: It's three I love yous.

SAWYER: Everybody at home can weigh in. Let us know what you think. Thanks to you, George. It's great.

With GMA's apparent DNC fashion obsession, Diane Sawyer giddily reported Hillary Clinton’s choice of color.  Noting the orange pantsuit and blue background, Sawyer compared it to the colors of the hometown Denver Broncos.

"And one other small note, you probably saw the picture yesterday of Senator Clinton's parade of pantsuits. They were testing the colors during her -- I love the guys up there testing the color of the suit. Well, as you know, they wanted to know which went best with a blue background and decided on the bright orange pantsuit. Couldn't have been lost on any Broncos fans out here in Denver. She was the ultimate fan because there it is blue and orange, colors of the Broncos."


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