Barbara Walters Hits Speaker Pelosi from the Left

With liberal House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appearing on "The View" "objective" journalist Barbara Walters hit Speaker Pelosi from the left. After briefly discussing the renewed Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill controversy, Walters attacked Pelosi for not doing enough to retreat from Iraq.

BARBARA WALTERS: The Democrats came in. They were going to try to bring the troops home. They were going to try to end the war. What happened?

HOUSE SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: Well, we are trying to do that. We have a contrast her between a ten year, $1 trillion war that the president is proposing and we’re talking about a year that, that redeployment begins as soon as safely possible and ends within a year. That’s the debate.

That answer was not enough for the veteran journalist, who brought in "fringe liberal" Joy Behar to bolster her argument. Walters and Behar both complained that the Democrats’ leading candidates allegedly do not support an immediate withdrawal.

WALTERS: Well, but your leading candidates- Joy you–

JOY BEHAR: Well, all of the three leading candidates said that they can see this war going on until 2013. Hillary, Barack Obama, and John Edwards all said that.

PELOSI: Well, if you subscribe to that, then that would be your answer.

WALTERS: They are your candidates.

PELOSI: Democrats in Congress do not subscribe to that. But let me speak for the Democrats in the House. And by the way, we have some bipartisan support, which I think is important. What we’re talking about is, all of the generals tell us, the retired generals, that if you’re going to have stability in the region, you must begin by redeploying the troops out of Iraq to end the occupation, end-

Token non-liberal Elisabeth Hasselbeck did manage to bring in key points about the success of the surge and offered up some numbers to back her up.

HASSELBECK: Even though today we had the news that the surge is actually working, that civilian deaths in Iraq are down, like 53 percent with the surge of troops being upwards of 160,000.

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