CBS's Harry Smith Pretends to be Minimum Wage Earner

On the July 24 edition of "The Early Show," co-host Harry Smith interviewed home and garden expert Danny Lipford on how to keep gardens irrigated under parched conditions. Lipford demonstrated a lawn belt that can soak the grass beneath the surface. Such a product will "only cost you about $140.

Harry Smith, who's income is safe to assume to be much higher than the average American, gleefully responded, "now that the minimum wage is up, maybe we can afford it." Smith was clearly responding to the new increase in the minimum wage, effective today, of $5.85 per hour.

This is not the first time millionaire news anchors pretended to be ordinary Americans, as Katie Couric, upon complaing about high gas prices, claimed she had to "take out a loan to fill up my minivan."

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