Rosie and Joy Continue to Make Up Facts on "The View," This Time on Protests

The View co-hosts continue to spout off their opinions on the air without getting the facts straight. Joy Behar initiated the subject of Saturday’s anti-war rally in Washington, DC on this note:

Joy Behar: "There was a march in Washington against the war this weekend. And the New York Times, which is the paper of record, did not even cover it as far as I could see."

Behar apparently cannot see far enough. Although it did not make the front page, there was an article on page A-20 on the rally. Rosie O’Donnell subsequently chimed in to make up her fact.

Rosie O’Donnell: "Well, according to, you know, depending on who you ask, you know, there were either what they said in the newspaper, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. But they have aerial photos where you can, you know, count based on the amount of miles per square. You know, there were over hundreds of thousands of people there."

According to the New York Times, and the Washington Post, not exactly conservative newspapers, there were "tens of thousands." Perhaps Rosie took her information from Bob Schieffer.

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