MEMECLIPSE: TIME Mag Ludicrously Calls Trump Meme Video ‘Bizarre Campaign Ad’

April 8th, 2024 12:27 PM

Have you ever heard of the old expression, “The left can’t meme?” Well, apparently TIME magazine is so broken with Trump Derangement Syndrome it can’t even figure out what a meme is. 

TIME railed against former President Donald Trump for posting on Truth Social what the leftist magazine described as a “new and bizarre campaign ad” of his “head tak[ing] the place of the moon and block[ing] out the sun in a nod to Monday’s solar eclipse.” Making it seem like the video was an actual campaign ad, the magazine continued: “It shows an image of the glowing sun as astonished crowds gather to watch the solar eclipse with protective eyewear on.” Here’s the problem: The so-called “campaign ad” was just a meme, and the magazine clearly didn’t get it and spent nearly 400 words of column space writing it up.

The joke video even had a watermark by the pro-Trump meme account il Donaldo Trumpo, but even that flew over the magazine editors’ heads. This is how il Donaldo Trumpo describes his work on his Patreon website, making TIME look even more ridiculous in hindsight:

Welcome to a place full of Love, Decency and Goodnesso. If you´re tired of all the negativity en social media, this is a place to relax and have a laugh, share your thoughts, BE YOURSELFO!!! Every single one of mis Patriotos en our Patreon Familia is soooo awesome you will know you´re finally Home.  il Presidento will keep doing everything and then some to make your day a little brighter with some laughs and a whole lotta Love!!!

But TIME still attempted to loop “Sunday’s video campaign” as “the latest in a string of unusual statements the former President has made recently.” The cringe is strong with this one.

The magazine doubled down on letting everyone know the joke went clearly over its head when it decided to post its fake news on X with the following caption: “Trump posts bizarre solar eclipse campaign ad, with his head blocking out the sun.” Podcast host Benny Johnson trolled the magazine for not catching how badly it played itself: “🚨BREAKING: @Time does not know what a meme is.” 

Talk about taking a massive “L.” Sheesh.

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