CNN Suddenly Thinks It's Important to Accept Election Results

November 10th, 2020 5:14 PM

On CNN’s New Day, the leftist network completely dismissed Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud and election interference in the 2020 presidential election. Rather than report on the ongoing investigation, we are apparently supposed to trust CNN’s judgement and credibility on this one.

Appearing on the program in the 7:00 a.m. ET hour, Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter wildly announced: “People's Facebook feeds, tens of millions of Americans on Facebook and Twitter, are seeing this nonsense. All across television and social media…There is no one at Fox News that is saying this is crazy. This is irresponsible. This is dangerous.”

Given the extremely negative coverage given to Trump during the 2016 campaign and all the credence it gave to the Russian collusion hoax, CNN’s credibility on this matter is very suspect. A 2019 MRC study showcased that 19.5% of broadcast network coverage on the Trump presidency was about Russia collusion. In 2018, CNN specifically hyped wild accusations in the later debunked Steele dossier 77 times in five days.The partisan network does not seem to care about promoting false narratives when it is against Trump.

Co-host Alisyn Camerota didn't let that hypocrisy stop her from declaring: “Conservative media is fueling President Trump's baseless claims of widespread election fraud.” A question CNN failed to answer in their coverage: Why were unfounded claims of Trump campaign collusion with Russia in 2016 so much more credible than the current claims?

Rather than learn from their mistakes and actually report the news, Stelter remarked: ““The story is all of these propaganda shows telling the audience there might have been mass voter fraud and that President-Elect Joe Biden is not the President. It is everywhere.” Isn’t that exactly what CNN did for the past five years?

To push the same narrative during the show's 6:00 a.m. ET hour, CNN claimed that the actions of Attorney General Bill Barr opening the door to further investigations was disgraceful. Guest Elie Honig remarked: “I have to confess, I thought that Bill Barr already dragged DoJ to the bottom. Now we’ve found a new low.”

CNN host Laura Jarett remarked: “I think it's a dangerous and transparent effort to give credence to some of the fanciful claims that we have heard from the President, his lawyers, and his allies.” So just further investigating these claims is now dangerous. The double standard is staggering.



Those who remember 2000, or who have researched it, will know that the media are treating the 2020 election in a  drastically different manner. Back then, it was the Republicans trying to steal the election and commit voter fraud. Granted, the two elections are not exactly the same, but the media coverage clearly changes based solely on which side of the argument their preferred Democratic Party candidate happens to be on at the time.

To be fair, it remains to be seen if there is any more validity to the claims of voter fraud and misconduct, than there was about the litany of other scandals and claims made about Trump. But for CNN to come out and say trust them on this one after their track record is ridiculous.

Rather than report on the facts, which is an open investigation, CNN is just shoveling out DNC talking points.

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A transcript of the November 5th Coverage is included below:

New Day
6:15 AM ET

JOHN BERMAN: So, Alisyn, we've been together a while now. I have to say this morning – 

ALISYN CAMEROTA: You are breaking up with me? 

BERMAN: I’m not breaking up with you. I know we had differences. So this morning you came in and looked at the situation facing the country today. I could just tell; you think things this morning are different. Why? 

CAMEROTA: I have reported on Donald Trump for more than a decade. Well before he was President. And I know that concession and admitting defeat is not in his DNA. I knew that wouldn't happen. Some people that he would somehow concede when he lost, that was not possible. But some people thought there were guardrails, enough guardrails built into our constitution or our government where people would, you know, have to say it is time. No. The guardrails have come down over the past four years. And so the Attorney General, now he's put one of the cronies in for the Department of Defense. I just see it all playing out. And in some ways, I think and we'll talk to our experts about this, that the Biden team has been a little slow on the uptake to see that this is what was always planned. I don't know if it was planned, but always built in to their system that they weren't going to go lightly. 

BERMAN: One thing you said this morning is this is not a drill. What's going on now is not a drill. This is all very real. The Attorney General overnight changing the rules of the Justice Department allowing for investigations into these bogus allegations of voter fraud. The guy in charge of the election division resigned in protest overnight because he thought what the Attorney General is doing is so bad. … Laura, I want to start with you on the actions taken by the Attorney General, specifically what he did, why they're so precedent shattering, and what it means that this guy Richard Pilger the Election Crimes Head resigned. 

LAURA JARRETT [CNN Host, “Early Start”]: I think it's a dangerous and transparent effort to give credence to some of the fanciful claims that we have heard from the President, his lawyers, and his allies. It is one thing to go down to four seasons total landscaping and make a bunch of nonsense claims, but it's another thing bring the full weight of the Justice Department and its prosecutors behind you. What he’s done overnight is overturned of decades and says you don't disturb the voting count and look into voting irregularities until the results are certified. They should have no role before it's certified. Well now Barr is saying you can go after it before it’s been certified. He said don't go after things that aren’t grounded in fact. He is sending a signal to the prosecutors and certainly sending a signal to this President who has been banging a drum about all they election fraud with literally no evidence in court. Literally, no evidence so much so that almost every judge has said there is nothing to see here. 

CAMEROTA: Ever since Bill Barr gave that misleading statement about the Mueller report, the feeling among some in your field is he has been caught hook, line, sinker. So here we are yet again. He is trying to pacify, I guess, at best, the President and delaying the certification. And so what does this mean? What happens now? 

ELIE HONIG: Yeah Alisyn. I have to confess, I thought that Bill Barr already dragged DoJ to the bottom. Now we’ve found a new low. I just want to make sure people understand this, I worked at DoJ for eight years. This is not normal. This is dangerous. DoJ, as a DoJ alum, it's painful to watch this. And I know that other DoJ alums feel the same thing. This policy has been in place for decades. And the purpose couldn't be more simple. Keep prosecution out of politics. Keep politics out of prosecution. Prosecution is one of the most powerful authorities that our government has. You have the ability to take away someone's liberty. Everyone at the Justice Department does or should recognize that has no place in politics. These resignations, by the way, the resignations are completely abnormal. In the eight years I worked there under both parties, two Republican AGs, one Democratic AG, this never came up. The concept of prosecutors resigning off a case, it wasn't even a thing. And now with tonight with yesterday's resignation, we've seen seven dedicated career nonpartisan prosecutors resign off of four different cases. Michael Flynn, Roger stone, the Durham investigation and now this. That is not normal. The reason they all resigned is because they're protesting Bill Barr's political weaponization of the Justice Department. 

BERMAN: Going read a line out of the memo, this is p108. Barr writes, while most allegations purported election misconduct of are such a scale they would not impact the outcome of an election and thus an investigation can be deferred. That is not always the case. Laura, the reason I read that is because this memo sort of littered with these hedges and outcomes much like Mitch McConnell’s statement is littered with hedges and outlaws. The court will decide this. We'll move on. One thing that people seem to be betting on is that this will work itself out. They're backing the President now because they want him to throw him a bone. They don't want to upset the Georgia runoff elections. But it will work itself out. But how do we know that? When will it work itself out? When will it stop enough for the GSA, the General Services Administration head, Emily Murphy, to say okay, Joe Biden, can you have that money? It's no longer clear to me that there is a singular event that turns this switch off. 

JARRETT: Well, the courts are the only really guardrail left to Allison's point. The other guardrail is the norms. They have all come down. The court is the only one to stop this at some point. You know, the election results are going to be certified. That's not in dispute. But they can put out these, you know, sort of frivolous claims to try to delay things as best as they can, but so far, the courts are not going for it. But to McConnell, to say let this play out in the courts as if that doesn't have any consequence to the public confidence in this result, it fuels the same type of misinformation and disinformation that we're seeing on Fox, that we're seeing when people actually go talk to voters like Donie O’Sullivan who went on the ground and talked to voters. And they're repeating the same misinformation and talking points that we're hearing on a daily basis. So for him to say let it all play out, isn't benign. To let it play out while the house is burning on fire is not okay. 

CAMEROTA: Whether you go to talk to the people who know the, you know, the Michigan Secretary of State, the Wisconsin state elections commission, the Nevada Attorney General, the people on the ground, they say we have no evidence of widespread – 

BERMAN: Look to any governor of Georgia yesterday on this show, a Republican who will have every reason to say I've seen it everywhere. He said, nope. Haven't found a thing. 

CAMEROTA: So Elie, what can team Biden do now? 

HONIG: Yeah. So, look, first of all this is all about the narrative. There is no question about it. Right? Bill Barr is trying to prop up this phony narrative of false information for months now. He’s made all sorts of public proclamations that have gone nowhere. This is just the latest piece of that. If you don't think it matters, look at yesterday's court filing in Pennsylvania. They specifically referred to an announcement Bill Barr made about six weeks about this Pennsylvania case involving nine ballots that went missing. Turned out to be false number crime involved whatsoever. Guess what? It made its way into a court filing yesterday as proof. That is not proof. That is fabrication. Yesterday's announcement it took Rudy Giuliani about an hour to start Trumpeting it as some kind of proof, it’s not fact! This is not proof! What can the Biden team do now? Look to some extent, they are reliant on the norms and reliant good people in the good government to do the right thing. I don't think Bill Barr has shown any ability to do that. 

JARRETT: But it is not up to him right Elie? The prosecutors on the ground are going to be the ones that have to uphold the integrity of the Justice Department and say can you put out whatever memo you want but we're the ones that bring the cases and we don't see any there. 

HONIG: 100%. 

CAMEROTA: We know there are still good people in government. And good people in the courts and we are relying on them to do the right things. Laura, Elie, thank you both very much for all of your expertise with this. 

New Day
7:14 AM ET

ALISYN CAMEROTA: Conservative media is fueling President Trump's baseless claims of widespread election fraud. Here's just a little sample. 

TUCKER CARLSON [Fox News Host]: We don't know how many votes were stolen on Tuesday night. We don't know anything about the software that many say was rigged. We don't know. We have to find out. 

LAURA INGRAHM [Fox News Host]: There's no question that mass mail in voting, it's been an unmitigated disaster. We must never again allow Democrats foist this on our country given what we're seeing days and days later. 

SEAN HANNITY [Fox News Host]: They want you to believe this week's vote and vote counting process is totally normal and aboveboard. Do you really believe that? They want you to ignore the irregularities, lack of transparency, the serious instances where the law was broken? 

LOU DOBBS [Fox News Host]: Biden's campaign says they're defending the election. They deny what they're really doing which is stealing it. 

CAMEROTA: CNN's Chief media correspondent Brian Stelter joins us now. Brian, it's just the alternate universe. 


CAMEROTA: Writ large there. 

STELTER: Two parallel Americas. It cannot be more stark. And if you're not seeing what’s going on in right-wing media, you're missing half the story. People's Facebook feeds, tens of millions of Americans on Facebook and Twitter, are seeing this nonsense. All across television and social media. And there's no one in charge. No one in charge except President Trump setting the tone and then others falling in line. There is no one at Fox News that is saying this is crazy. This is irresponsible. This is dangerous. The Murdoches are letting this run rampant all over Fox News. And there are moments where, you know, once every 24 hours there will be some pushback on the lies about voter fraud. But that is not the story. The story is all of these propaganda shows telling the audience there might have been mass voter fraud and that President-Elect Joe Biden is not the President. It is everywhere. This is being said everywhere. If you want to see the hypocrisy, look at this video that Daily Show produced over the weekend. This is a video from the daily Show talking about how Fox talked about the 2018 midterms and who are the sore losers then? 

[Shows Video Clip]

KAYLEIGH MCENANY [Then RNC Spokesperson]: Democrats are being sore losers. They refuse to acknowledge they lost the election. So what do they do? They cry malfeasance, wrong doing, criminality, fraud. 

INGRAHM: Democrats more so than Republicans seem to have a problem conceding defeat. Either the election system broke down or some mystery votes are hide something where. 

NEWT GINGRICH [Former Speaker of the House]: You know, whole series of Democrats who just said wrongly, if our candidate doesn't win, they stole the election. 

SEAN HANNITY: Ramping up election conspiracy theories, accusing Republicans of outright stealing the election. Kind of rich. 

[Video Clip Ends]

STELTER: I think it's pretty clear the take away is there. But, this is deeper than hypocrisy. It is about a test for American democracy that was passed last week but is still under way. Because as I said, tens of millions of people are indulging this fantasy that the election is not over and Trump could actually prevail through the supreme court or through a bunch of legal challenges in states. Trump is in denial. The pro Trump media is in denial. Lots and lots of people are consuming this stuff as a result it's the new birtherism. It's this new lie that is an attempt to delegitimize a Democratic President. 

CAMEROTA: And Brian, the problem is that everybody now, I mean, we're all so entrenched in our own media bubbles that all of those people, the tens of millions of people for whom that's their only source of information, they! Believe! It! And that's where we are today. That's where we are. Brian, thank you very much for showing us that baled hypocrisy.