REGIME MEDIA: NBC’s Welker Dismisses Trump Claims of Election Interference As False

March 31st, 2024 5:48 PM

In the wake of its Ronna McDaniel fiasco, NBC News tries extra hard to prove just how “cohesive and aligned” they really are. Unfortunately, this now means “cohesive and aligned” with the fringe elements running the show at MSNBC and, by extension, the entire news operation.

Watch this nugget from Kristen Welker’s open to Meet The Press, wherein she categorically dismisses former President Donald Trump’s claims of judicial election interference via multiple state prosecutions as false:

KRISTEN WELKER: And now Trump is asserting that none of the trials should, quote, “take place during my campaign”, falsely calling the criminal proceedings “election interference”. It is yet another reminder that we are covering this election against the backdrop of a deeply divided nation. 

Welker, in dutiful Regime Media mode, rushes to defend the idea that the various state and federal indictments, timed precisely to yield a conviction ahead of the 2024 presidential election, are in fact not election interference. Without evidence. 

What evidence we do have from the media is that of ongoing frustration over the pace at which these various trials are proceeding, both on cable TV and in print and online. The latest instance of which comes from The New York Times:

In 2021 it was “simply inconceivable,” said one former Justice Department official, that Mr. Trump, rebuked by many in his own party and exiled at his Florida estate Mar-a-Lago, would regain the power to impose his timetable on the investigation.

“I think that delay has contributed to a situation where none of these trials may go forward,” Representative Adam B. Schiff, Democrat of California, said in a recent interview on CNN, citing the Justice Department’s approach as a factor. “The department bears some of that responsibility.”

The Supreme Court’s decision to review Mr. Trump’s claims of presidential immunity in the case has now threatened to push the trial deep into the campaign season or beyond, raising the possibility that voters will make their choice between Mr. Trump and President Biden in November without Mr. Trump’s guilt or innocence being established.

It has resurfaced a question that has long dogged Mr. Garland: What took so long?

Officials in the Biden White House have long expressed private consternation with Mr. Garland’s pace. The select committee established by the House in 2021 to investigate what led to the Jan. 6 riot made it an all-but-explicit goal to force the Justice Department to pursue the case more aggressively, and in Georgia, a local prosecutor was going head-on at Mr. Trump’s efforts to overturn his loss even before Mr. Garland was sworn in.

This is where the media energy is- laundering the Biden administration’s preference for ramming these trials through as quickly and possible and subsequent discontent with Garland for not doing so. And in so parroting those preferences, as Welker does here, the media ratify Trump’s theses that these are, in fact, the sort of political prosecutions one would expect from Latin American dictatorships. 

Exquisitely timed, both here and over there, to interfere with a presidential election. Notwithstanding Welker’s protestations to the contrary.