MSNBC’s Strange New Concern For Violence Against Supreme Court Justices

December 21st, 2023 1:06 AM

The Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling disqualifying former President Donald Trump from the 2024 Colorado primary ballot appears to have awakened amongst MSNBC hosts and analysts a Strange New Concern- for violence against supreme court justices. 

Watch as former CNN chief legal analyst and notorious Zoom onanist Jeffrey Toobin shares these concerns, with brow that is furrowed, with host Chris Hayes towards the end of their segment on the Colorado ruling:

CHRIS HAYES: The final thing I’ll say, and ask you Jeff, is- there's also that threat of violence towards the judges, the justices on the state supreme court and the SCOTUS justices. Like, they signed that majority opinion per curiam anonymously,honestly essentially. You can look up their names. But that's a real concern as well. 

JEFFREY TOOBIN: Yeah, and this- there is violence hovering, you know, there was just an arrest in Arizona that didn't get much publicity recently about someone threatening to kill, you know, all sorts of federal officials. You know, violence hangs over this. January 6th was- was, you know, there is an aggressive prosecution that has taken place, but rightwing violence in this country is continuing, and the FBI director has spoken about how difficult it is to stop it, and it hasn’t gone away.

To hear these people talk, it is almost as if the Dobbs leak never happened and talking heads didn’t justify braying mobs outside the homes of conservative SCOTUS justices, trying to intimidate them into ruling to uphold Roe v. Wade.

For crying out loud- there was an actual arrest of a man, outside of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home, who had flown across the country with the intent to murder him. MSNBC at one point suppressed the story. There was little to no concern over the potential of violence against the justices.

Now that the trigger for alleged violence is a ruling they like, they display this Strange New Concern. Hypocrites, all.

If Hayes, Toobin, et al are legitimately concerned over violence against the courts, I have an agitator right here that they can begin to hold accountable:

On the bright side, Toobin's hands were visible at all times