John Stossel Questions Inconvenient Truths on MSM View of Global Warming

John Stossel dares to question the conventional wisdom of liberal minds and MSM on the topic of global warming in the following video. 

The heartbreaking part of this report is to see the reaction of the children being interviewed.  They have obviously been indoctrinated with only one side of the story to the point of fear.  When asked where they learn this, one kid points to Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth."

One point that John takes apart as factless is that even if global warming is real, that it is man's fault.  Despite recent developments, man can't control the weather, much less the climate. 

John points out that there is another side to the story and that too often the scientists that have tried to tell it have been silenced and threatened.  As John says, "Give me a break". 

Even though folks like Al Gore say "the debate is over", the debate is long from over.  The only reason it appears so is because the critics are too often silenced.

What liberal bias?  Watch the video here.

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