John Gibson and Mark Levin Rip Media Matters on Liberal Bias Lies

NewsBusters editor Brent Baker has done a superb job reporting on the smear job against Bill O'Reilly from the liberal group Media Matters. Fox News's John Gibson does an awesome job at tearing them apart. If you haven't heard the audio from his show yet... you should definitely take a listen.

Quoting Gibson:

This thing about Rush is really crystal clear. You can see how they lie. In this case, they said Rush said something, posted an audio recording of it and an audio transcript and cut it off at the precise moment where the next thing he said proved them wrong. Heres how it went down. I'll play this bit and you can hear what Media Matters posted of what Rush said and then I'll play you what he said next....the words that came next. The words that came right after they cut it off....and you will this is will hear the live admission by this Soros backed group called Media Matters.

You just have to hear it....the part they cut out.

He goes on to play audio of Rush discussing Jesse MacBeth and how he is a phony and how Rush was discussing "phony solidiers" as just that...liars like Jessie MacBeth. It's a total liberal bias smear.

More Gibson:

...what Media Matters does is, by editing, makes Rush Limbaugh sound awful, leaves out the part where its clear what precisely he's talking about..not just people who he is categorizing, for convienience, as phoney soldiers, but adjudicated...imprisoned phoney soldiers. Media Matters left that out. That is a lie.

But it gets even better as Mark Levin tears in and questions their status as a non-partisan group.  It sounds alot like the same arguement on the ACLU being non-partisan and getting tax payer dollars.  Completely biased.

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