Bristol Palin Transforms Left: They Now Favor Awarding Merit, Oppose Voter Fraud

By design or accident, it appears as though a 20 year-old single mother is using the power of popular culture to single handedly transform the left by ginning up their rage to a point where they now see the light when it comes to rewarding merit and opposing voter fraud. This quite possibly ranks as the most important political and social triumph of 2010.

I’ve never seen an episode of “Dancing With the Stars,” but the Left’s uproar over Bristol Palin’s win last night has been impossible to miss. Because I’ve never seen the show I can’t comment over the young woman’s dancing skills (though she obviously has some of her mother’s star quality – which counts, right?). Regardless, to read and hear all the left-wing outrage and hand-wringing this morning over the idea of someone advancing in our society based on something other than merit is a landmark moment in our culture. The very same people who want to give every kid a trophy, end score-keeping in sports, and graduate illiterates because self-esteem is more important than being employable, have suddenly discovered the importance of competition — which can only be good for America.

Furthermore, we now have actual bona fide Leftists enraged over the idea of voter fraud and calling for stronger verification measures to ensure one person, one vote – which used to be racist. Yes, this counter-intuitive left-wing thinking might be directed at a reality show, but the road out of the darkside often begins with a single step.

As a side note, I have no idea what the DWTS rules are or how this young woman stacks up in comparison to the others she’s in competition with (you’ll forgive my cynicism when it comes to the veracity of leftist criticism involving anyone named Palin), but this country and our history is littered with individuals with no accomplishments or experience who have still managed to advance to positions of enormous stature and power based only on their personal magnetism and a squad of corrupted cheerleaders determined to drown out any questions regarding the actual qualifications and talent of their favorite.

My understanding is that the worst that could happen on DWTS is that the lovely Jennifer Grey might go home empty-handed and Bristol might win the big prize of a garish disco ball.

Small stakes when compared to, oh I don’t know, the presidency of the United States?

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