Desperate Ed Schultz Asks Crazed Viewers ‘Are Conservatives the New Confederates?’

Now that he has managed to return from weekend purgatory, MSNBC host Ed Schultz is resorting to desperate measures to keep his weekday television perch including seriously asking a poll designed to inflame to passions of his angry older viewers.

“Are conservatives the new confederates?” Schultz asked.

The results, which reflect the political makeup of MSNBC’s far-left audience, overwhelmingly said “yes,” with over 72 percent of participants agreeing with Schultz.

As of this writing, just 2,892 people participated in Schultz’s poll, with 2,093 voting yes, and only 779 voting no.

According to Josh Feldman, Schultz was inspired by Jesse Jackson, who called the Tea Party the “resurrection of the Confederacy.”

Schultz, however, decided to lump all conservatives in his broad-brush poll which was a clear and obvious attempt to dehumanize those to the right of Josef Stalin, a favorite tactic employed by MSNBC hosts.

The comments left by those who participated also says a great deal about Schultz’s audience.

“ED IS the “Dog the Bounty Hunter” of the political system ! You GO ED – Hunt These Obstructors and SOCIOPATHS Down !” one person exclaimed.

“‘Modern’ conservatives = The Neo-Confederacy,” added another MSNBC viewer.

“No, that would be an insult to Confederates everywhere.  Traitors would be the correct term,” said another Schultz fan, insinuating that conservatives should be shot and killed.

That type of rhetoric is certainly not beyond the pale for Schultz. For example, he got a good laugh over the idea of a dog collar that would electrocute Glenn Beck to death. And of course, there is his insult of conservative radio host Laura Ingraham as a “talk slut.”

It seems MSNBC is set to maintain its status as the official network of insane liberal hate, even as it continues to lose viewers.

Hat tip: Mediaite.

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